Tom Cruise

Oknum M dan X super kekenyangan setelah makan Duck Combination di Happy Meal. Lalu entah kenapa pembahasan nya kok Tom Cruise.

X: Eh he used to be so hot ya?

M: Yeah like effin hot, now he’s just crazy.

X: I know, man he took the HOT from hotness!!

M: So now he’s just .. NESS?

X + M: ………….. hahahahhahahaha

Positif Happy Meal pake MSG, selain jadi bego, sepanjang perjalanan gue haus terus menerus sampe rumah!


6 thoughts on “Tom Cruise

  1. Used to be? Nooooo! He’s still HOT! Hehehe at least for me 😀 “Me-the-crazy-fans-chick-who-is-still- madly-in-love-with-Tom’s-mega-watt-smile” :))

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