The A Team

Current mood: slowly sinking, wasting, crumbling like pastries. (Ed Sheeran – The A Team)

Maybe its the weather, maybe its the moving (not really, wee excited about this), maybe its the packing. Maybe its the fact that another bestfriend is getting married, and I cannot come to the whole procession. Because this bridging visa is not letting me to go anywhere. And I don’t wanna gamble the whole waiting process, since I went home 4 times already. Don’t really wanna go to the immigration office and apply, go through the whole thing. Fck ye! Pft.

And I realized today that I got a major commitment issue. I signed for the apartment for one year, and I got funny uneasy feeling about it, but I kept quiet. I signed for the internet today, and they asked, 6 month or 18 months? Another uneasy feeling came creeping in, and had to asked Xy. Apparently she felt the same thing, and we decided to go with the 6 months. My sister asked me can she come Oct next year? What am I doing in Oct? Stay in Perth? Move east coast? I feel like throwing up. Cannot answer it and ended up saying, whatever happens, happens, just come and we’ll figure something up? She said ok and I gotta start planning my life, just in case. I know she’s right. But I cannot imagine anything more than 3 months ahead. Dunno why.

I better go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be full on. We got our new beds (first time in life buying new bed by myself, can I get a medal?!?!?!), kitchen stuff all ready to go, and lots of cleaning to do (well not really, but cleaning always makes me feel better). So here we go..


2 thoughts on “The A Team

  1. aww mawi. i feel you.
    am not really into commitments ahahaha..
    makanya sampe sekarang engga pernah nyicil sesuatu soalnya ya ga kebayang itu komitmen 6 bulan. 12 bulan dst.
    they say it’s the process of growing up, but i don’t think i wanna grow up, yet :p
    semoga banyak cerita indah di apartemen baru ya 😀

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