You Know You’re Jompo When…

Malem Minggu…

X: I’m bored.. Can we got out?

M: YES please.. Dinner?

X: K, what do you feel like?

M: Japanese?

X: Alright.. Is this place wanky?

M: Not really, casual lah.

X: I’m gonna dress wanky.

M: Ok me too!

5 menit kemudian, kelar mandi dkk..

X: Eh so wanky no?

M: Yeah you said you’re dressing wanky, I don’t wanna look under dressed!!

X: K, we’re going drinks after all this hahahahaha.

Sejam kemudian, sampe Ohnamiya makan sampe diem karena laper kayak belom makan dari kecil.. Lalu..

X: Where should we go now?

M: Clarence’s!

X: Done.

10 menit diem2an..

X: I’m thinking bout ice cream

M: …. and cider..

X: ….. while watching dvds..

M: Wanna go home?

X: HAHAHA I was gonna ask you that but i’m scared you’re gonna smack me..

M: HAHAHA me too!!

Rencana drinks kece pun gagal maning. Sampe rumah ganti piyama, cider + ice cream + dvds.. Apakah ini pertanda gue udah jompo???


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