From Past Experience

Location: Harbour Town

J: So what do you think of me teaching English to foreigners.. Like in Africa, Cambodia, or somewhere..??

M: ……

J: Like you know, I’d teach kids, not 20-something guys.. Because I’ll make them fall in love with me! *pede*


J: HAHHAHA I don’t mean it that way, but you know from past experience..

M: AHAHAHAHA.. You kinda got a point tho, the bakery boy, the shoeshop boy, two security guards.. Man you’re spreading your love everywhere yaaaa

J: STOP COUNTING OMG!! It’s not like that laaa.. You know I’m too nice, and I don’t want to give my students the wrong idea..

M: Yeah and their full English sentence would be, I love you Julie, you wanna go have a dinner with me??

J: SHUT UP! *ngambek, ngeloyor*



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