He think He’s A Gangsta

Dear Pitbull..

What the hell happened? You used to be so ghetto. Like real ghetto, cause really, you’re singing about asses (Culo anyone?), Fuego (You think you gangsta cause you did time?) and how to please your missus (Ay Chico).

And now what? Who are you trying to impress? Working with Neyo and Marc Anthony won’t change who you are. Relax dude, accept who you are. Work with your circles, Sean Paul Lil Jon (Culo), etc. That is what you do best. Make cheap reggaeton/hiphop music. Don’t go with those crazy beat that they do nowadays. Just because David Guetta is working with everybody, doesn’t mean you should!!

Take a break dude, seriously. Go to Miami. Party on. Maybe go to Cuba as well. Party with your hommies or whatever. Stop hanging out with Jlo, Marc Anthony and Neyo. Go back to where you came from, and when you’re all relaxed. Make some music! Till then..



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