Who Needs Therapy?

A girl met a boy (in a workplace). Girl and boy became best friend. Boy said sweet things to get to her pants. Girl fell for it. Girl said she’s in love with the boy. Unfortunately boy didn’t feel the same. Girl was brokenhearted. Girl was sad.

Until.. turns out boy had another girl on the side. Boy really like the other girl. The first girl knew about it. Girl threw a tantrum. Work became tense. Everyone was on girl’s side. Boy wanted to quit.

Finally girl came to her senses. Girl called boy and took the easy way out. Swallowed her ego and let him go. Girl said, you made a big mistake. Everything is (sorta) ok now.

Turns out girl is going to a therapy session. Today is the first day. $150 for an hour. Girl told friends about therapy.

Friends said,

$150 for an hour? You should’ve bought $150 worth of alcohol, call the others, spend the night at yours and we can trash the shit out of him!!!

Girl said,

Shit. Should’ve called you first!


PS: Boy is not a bad person, he was just being a boy. And the girl was being a girl, but she took it to another level 🙂


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