Happy Australia Day!


This heatwave is driving me crazy. 42 effing degrees. Had two evaporators and fans running 24/7 in the apartment. Nothing can prepare us for the heat. It was scorching hot!! I think this is officially the worst summer since I’ve been here. Woke up at 8 because it was too hot, back to bed and woke up at 1030ish. Watched tv, was going for a swim but the sun was just too hot. Decided to go to the movie for the giant aircon. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was bloody good! Way way way better than the Swedish version. Didn’t wanna leave because it was so hot outside. Went to Little Creatures to get something to eat. Summer really drives you to be an alcoholic or taking crazy amount of sugar. It was either beer, cider or milkshake, every damn day!! I decided to get cider today. Best cider ever! I think we were so hungry we ate and drink too fast. Result: chirpy as a parrot and cannot move a millimeter.

Since it was still hot at 6, went to Cottesloe beach. And it was cloudy as hell. Apparently the temperature dropped drastically and it was raining heavily in the Northern Suburb. Whaaat? And it was pouring when we got there. Couldn’t swim so we went for a coffee. Sat at the beach for a while. Went home after the sunset. On the way home, the firework already started. All the way from Claremont till Mounts Bay Rd (20mins drive) we could see the firework. Everyone was driving 20km/hr and we eventually stopped to watch the firework. At the same time there were lightning strikes. Quite scary, but the combination of lightning and fireworks were quite epic!

Happy Australia Day! Not an Ozy but still quite happy to get a day off and celebrate 😀


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