Open Letter v.02

This is what 38degrees + Australian radio did to me. A deep thought about the music industry (Saeeeelaaaah).

  • Taio Cruz, dudeeeee!! What happened? You were really good in here. Working with Nitin Sawhney and making good music. And now this…?? Dude, you don’t even drink, and to sing a song about hangover… I’m so dissapointed!
  • David Guetta, now we got a lot to talk to. Its ok that you asked Kelly Rowland and Estelle to work with you in your 2009 album. Those two songs were actually quite good. If you listen to it with a really good headphones, the beat is flawless! But to do the same thing over and over again is a bit tiring no? And to top it all, you asked Usher, and SIA!!! WHY?!?!?!!?!??! You somehow made Sia and Usher fall to the class B musician in my book now. Thank you so much!
  • Jason Derulo, stop sampling from other musicians!!!!! Musicians, stop giving permission to Jason Derulo to sample your song!!!! Look what he did to Imogen Heap, and TOTO! He butchered the song!!! And please, pretty please with cherry on top, stop screaming your name in the beginning of the song. Everyone knows your voice already, and you’re not performing in an RT/RW 17an! When there’s a youtube video of you saying your name in different tones, boy you know you gotta stop!
  • Chris Brown won a grammy for best R&B album? REALLY?!?!? Sure this song is good (btw dia sempet2nya shout out, “I know y’all hate me!” di lagu ini), but have you heard the one with Pitbull? International Playboy or something? What about Beyonce’s 4???!?!? Its way way way way better than Fame, but didn’t even get nominated? Bah!

Gotta stop listening to the radio or I’ll be a total witch with a capital B!


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