I Ran…

People express anger in so many different ways. I, apparently, was trying to be funny, and failed miserably.

So there this drama at work, 3 vs 1. The special one is currently having lots of problems at home, going through menopause, and always late. We were quiet for the last couple of months, but the last couple of weeks it got worst. I flipped two weeks ago, J flipped three weeks ago, and on Sunday ze boss flipped. That was it. And today I got the after effect. I was emotionally drained.

B: How was today?

M: You’ll hear it on Thursday.

B: Omg, was it that bad? I hope she’s not too hard on you. Go get a drink.

M: Can’t 😦 gotta start early tomorrow.

B: What are you going to do then?

M: Ahmadinejad.

B: What are you on about?

M: Ahmadinejad – Iran – I ran.. I ran by the river today.

B: Go get yourself a drink please, that was not funny at all, not to mention, confusing. Drink up!


B: I’m glad you find it funny.

And this is the view while I was running..

I ran.. I ran so far… 


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