Location: Pure Zone

Oknum: MS, LDC

*di radio lagi pengumuman mau bagi2 tiket NKOTBSB*

MS: Hey I’m gonna see them in two weeks!

LDC: See what?

MS: New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys!! *mini squeak*

LDC: KNICKERS ON THE BLOCK and Backstreet Boys?!?! Are you watching some dodgy show???

MS: OMG! NEW. KIDS. ON. THE. BLOCK!!! You know the 80’s boyband!!!!

LDC: HAHAHHAHAHA.. I thought you’re gonna see some dodgy male stripper show, Knickers On The Block and some Backstreet Boys.. Come on, you gotta admit that sounds dodgy!!!! Its like one of those Chip and Dale thingy.. *defensive*


Knickers on the block? Bubaran show lempar2 knickers gitu?!?!? Hahahahaha.


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