The housemate won the housemate of the year (from me) for two years in a row, because of this:

X: Eh I’m only telling you this because its not happening ya

M: Ok, what?

X: Yesterday when you told me Zekka is closing down, I called them..

M: What for?

X: Was gonna ask if I can book for your birthday dinner on Friday

M: Their last day is on my birthday, Thursday

X: Yep he told me that.

M: And they don’t do dinner, they closed at 5

X: Yep, he told me that too hahahha

M: AWWWWWWW THAT’S SO THOUGHTFUL!!! *tepuk tangan gak santay*

X: SHUT UP!! Omg such a girl.. I called them because I thought you’re turning 30 this year, so was thinking of giving something a bit special lah..

M: CK!!! I’m turning 29 laaa!! Nevermind!!! Still housemate of the year *giving an imaginary housemate of the year crown to her head*

X: What are you doing?

M: Giving the housemate of the year crown!

X: Aww thanks man!

Birds of the same feather, flock together!


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