Big Bang!

This year’s birthday celebration prolly tops all the birthdays since I turned 25. Spent the whole day chillin at home and went for lunch with the housemate and her office mates. Went to Zekka for the last coffee, the baristas came to my table and said something really really nice, felt like jumping from my chair and hug them! Opened my email, got some ecstatic news from Lee. He wants to buy the whole lot, 14 artworks!!!! Ka ching! Hahhh.. I swear I think I was dancing through the whole way home!! Went home for some quick nap, was gonna watch Magic Mike and got some dose of Channing Tatum but we were late, so had Viet Hoa for dinner instead.

Friday, went to work and boss offered something really promising for next year, it was the perfect timing. I was about to ask him that day, but he said it first! Ha! Another surprise was, got a red envelope from him and his wife. Ihiiiyyy! Went home and met up with L, and I know something was weird because he kept saying he’s hungry but we stopped for bubble tea instead?? He was rambling nonstop about some random stuff, sat in the city watching some buskers. I kept calling Xy to ask her to join us, she kept rejecting my call. I swearrrr I know something wasn’t right! And I was thinking ah ok lah, something might happen, just go with it. And then he said he wants to eat Indonesian, I was yes ok whatever. When we got there, apparently L & Xy arranged a surprise dinner with some friends. But since they’re really bad at planning, I was there early so I ended up surprising everyone! Well the thought that counts right? 😀 It was a nice dinner, got some really nice present and yummy birthday cake. Went for karaoke after, was an interesting experience. Karaoke is not the same without le couz.

Saturday, I was working the whole day at the shop. I really think that working in retail makes you sees the worst in people. It really made me hate people and think everyone is an idiot but yesterday was different. I was in a good mood the whole day, and three customers came and said that we have the best customer service in the whole center and it made their day! Ha! Thank you lady! You really made our day! To top it off we made way more than we needed to! Hee haw! Went for dinner with Xy again that night, was planning to go out for a drink, but was too tired. We went home and I slept at 10.30. So much for a night out yea?

Sunday went for dimsum with the family. This is the first time El met Xy, he was so shy he kept avoiding eye contact hahahaha. Its either he’s afraid or he’s shy hahahaha. Went for coffee and took a nap the whole arvo. Had dinner with Xy & Lee at Little Creatures. Had pints of Rogers, and it was a really great dinner.

Now in the future, if I ever complain about shit that is not important, all I have to do is look back at this weekend, smack my head and remind myself that I shouldn’t complain about anything at all.

Thank you thank you thank you.


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