Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve. Massive. Roller. Coaster. Ride. Highs and lows.

January: MamaPapa was here. Best time ever. Worst Australia Day, 42 deg!!!

February: AL+CM was in town. Girls night out nya was hell rowdy. Boys night outnya? Konon katanya masbro CM+DB cuma steamboat night. Haha.

March: SB+TMM was in town. Mulai masak kecil2an, pake sayur lagi!!

April: Ta+Nid+Ney came for 12 days. Highlight of 2012. KHAAAA! Work out sepanjang summer kemaren hangus total karena kunjungan ini. Breng to the sek.

May: NKOTBSB. Nuff said. Started something that I knew that it might not work, but decided to go with it anyway. Felt pretty good.


July: Mr.Batman was the it thing 🙂

August: 29th birthday. Got offered full time job from Miyagi. Got commissioned to do some artworks for a display home.

September: Margaret River trip 🙂

October: P A R K L I F E – Passion Pit, Robyn, THE PRESETS. Met new friends.

November: Big month. Moved to Tuart Hill. Biggest move of the century. Endless unpacking, renovation. The thing didn’t work out, but its okay. All good in da hood. Melbourne trip.

December: Worst summer ever, HEATFUCKINGWAVE. Full of great news. Spent the last of twentytwelve with loved ones. Everyones home for Christmas. Daily trip to the beach. Had a good NYE with with some friends, inflatable pool and beers.

And spent the first day of twenty thirteen with SB+SH.

2013, bring it on! Imma kick some serious ass!!!



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