Ceiling Can’t Hold Us!

First was this..

And then..

And this..

EPIC! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis can do no wrong!! Ini pada makan apa ya live performance nya bisa flawless gt? Dan Ray Dalton (apakah dia termasuk Dalton Bersaudara? Taek ah), mirip ya suaranya sama John Legend, tapi lebih tipis sedikit aja.

“Here we go back, this is the moment. Tonight is the night, we’ll fight till it’s over. So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!”

This song is my new anthem!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s full performance at NPR Music.

2 thoughts on “Ceiling Can’t Hold Us!

  1. gue pindah kantor di mana gue ga bisa youtube-an buat update siraman rohani permusikan, nyampe rumah uda terlalu capek. Baru inget, gue bisa buka blog lo sbg shortcut ngupdate lagu…Makasiiiii!

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