I think the people that you’ve met during your young-adulthood, when you’re far from home, they helped you mold yourself. They helped you find yourself. They were there all the way. And in that way they outshine all the people that you’ve met before them 🙂 There’s a special place in your heart for them.

I also realised that when you’re young, you write like there’s no tomorrow. Everything is colourful, you want to explain every little detail the colour of the rainbow. How it feels to be soaking wet under the rain, that smell of your morning coffee, and how good it is to be in bed on a rainy day. And for that, I am smitten, truly smitten.

Still not over the fact that the holiday is over. Everyone is still messaging as if like we’re in the same town. Plans for dinner, drinks, brekkie. Night times are usually the worst, feelings, sentimental shits got thrown out of the door. At the end, we usually say, i love you nyet to each other, for like the million times.

Sending pictures of food is the new “I wish you were here”. HA!

Udah ah, sentimentalnya keterlaluan! Bye!

Currently listening to: Bastille – Pompei (Tyde remix).. Eeee oooeeooo.. EEooooeeeooo…

Does it almost feel like you’ve been here before?


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