Beware: this is an angry post and there’s a lot of cursing. If you don’t feel like reading an angry post, please skip it 🙂

It’s one of those days, when everyone is a dickhead. To start if off, my freelance designer sent me an email asking if I can send him a freaking facebook logo. Dude apparently doesn’t understand the concept of “googling”. It was two days ago, I didn’t reply cause I want to know if he can solve the problem by himself. He can’t. Sent another email “reminding” me. Fuckidy fuck. Being the melancholy phlegmatic that I am (apparently so), I didn’t say anything. Sent the email saying only, “Here it is”. I hope he gets the point.

But uh’oh, it ticks me off. Angry M is in da house. Couldn’t understand why he can’t just fucking google it up? Like how fucking hard is it to google, “facebook logo, vector”. I got it in two seconds, he can’t do it? I was red, wanting to smack the shit out of his head, but couldn’t. So I sat in the office, and remembered something. When I first started working for the boss, he said something that’s basically the rule of thumb of the way we work in the office. “M, designers are like investigators. We don’t always have the information in our hand. If you don’t have it, go look for it. Investigate”. And I always play by that rule.

Instead of getting pissed the whole day, I decided to make a poster out of it.


Message sent loud and clear. To all of you lazy bastards out there, SEEK and you shall FIND. There’s a reason why we have internet these days, to look for stuff!

And then, day went swell again. But uh oh, must be something in the water today. Cause when I got home a dear friend of mine sent me a message saying something about the new policy of Rudd’ government towards the asylum seeker. Yep, same shit different days. Yapping away about how bad the condition is. Dude I live here? It’s our daily news? Newspaper, tv, radio, you name it. So I told him that, yep don’t give a shit, it’s sad that some genuine asylum seekers are in that condition. But the ones that exploit the system and made people like me (who waited for 4 years, paid shitloads of money to apply plus taxes every fucking year) in this shit condition, i don’t give a rats ass. And guess what he said, “Well at least you didn’t get shot at in your country”. ——______——- Like. I. Give. A. Shit. And that’s not the point. He sent me some links about the situation ——______——- I read newspaper thank you very much. I think at that point we knew that we had to stop the conversation or it’s going to be ugly. So I steered the discussion, being diplomatic and shit. But damage is done. Couldn’t stop yapping at le housemate ’bout it. But then I got tired of being angry, so I decided to make another poster! This turns out to be quite an interesting solution to my anger management problem.

Bloody Hippie

So I decided, in the spirit of self-restraining (emotion, anger and all that jazz). Let’s just make posters rather than lashing it out to people! (What a true analysis of melancholic phlegmatic, thanks to you.)

Bonus: Anto requested a poster dedicated to his friend who’s been giving him shit the whole day, he wants to scream this out..



PS: Am not an angry person, it takes a lot to tick me off. It’s just one of those days *insert diplomatic smile here* and sorry about all the cursing. I promise this will be the last time.


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