Dirty Thirty

The inevitable is finally here, I’m turning thirty. The dirty thirty. Thank you, you and you. Best birthday so far (I know I always said it every year, but seriously, this year’s celebration was awesome possum!!). I must have done something right to get all the love that I got.

And to make it even more dirty, I got bird poo on my head the next day. Yep, I went to the newsagency instantly and bought myself a 30 Slotpik! HA! You are now reading a blog of a future millionaire (or not).


On the prezzies department, TAP KING iz da bomb!!!! 64SQM Bar is up and running!!!! Le housemate bought me that leather shoes that I’ve been wanting, Dingrays giving me too many options on le prezies, MamPap sent me a card and present thru my aunt!!! SO CUTE! THEY DON’T DO PRESENTS!!!! But but but, a little birdy told me that someone bought me MJ’s Cirque Du Soleil’s ticket!! HAAAAA!!!! *major fist pump*

Seriously Marisa, count your blessings, not your wrinkles!


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