The 1st of March marked my seven years in Perth. What changes after 7 years?

I can cook, iron clothes, read the map (screw the map, i got GPS on ma phone), live with a cat (mind you, sometimes i wanna throw him from the balcony), sliced a mango in ways that my grandfather would be proud of. Worked as a night filler, checkout chick, a shop keeper, and through all of those jobs I made friends for life.

I can enjoy vegetables (carrot, potato, lettuce, spinach, all sorts of choys, broccoli) without my parents nag at me. Assemble a cabinet. Participated in a road rage fight like it’s nobody bizniz (oh trust me that dude was a douche with a capital D). Made friends with all the baristas in my favourite cafes, cause a free flat white with macaroons every now and then won’t hurt you! Fell in love with salmon. Fall out of love with salmon. Fell in love with salmon (again). Can tolerate heat better (lighter, stove, oven, pans, etc).

Appreciate all the small things, sunrise, sunsets, clouds, trees, leaves, or am i just getting older and sentimental? Cried when my favourite Japanese restaurant closed its doors. Cried (of happiness) when my favourite Japanese restaurant decided to be back in bizniz.

Missed countless birthdays, arisans, weddings, lebarans, christmas, funerals, and what not. But thanks to technology, I can now be there at every soccer games, hens nights, Thursday drinks, and arisans. Also, thanks to my awesome photoshop skill, I can add my photo to every family photo sessions, the girls dinner thingy, and anything that I can put myself into.

All in all, 7 years didn’t feel like 7 years. Everything before this seems like a distant memory tho.

Good times. More stories in the coming year.


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