A: This things always get me into trouble. Always. Looking for a perfect match. When there is no perfect match.
B: Tapi kata nyokap, gak ada orang 100% cocok. Sampe lebaran kodok juga gak bakalan ketemu.
A: The problem is nothing can stop me from dreaming of it. Not even myself.
B: Hopeless romantic.
A: Exactly. This thing gets me hurt again and again. It’s not good for me. At the same time I can’t stop it.
B: Well, the heart wants what the heart wants.
A. Iyah. Amen to that.
B: Apalagi virgo kayak gue gitu ya.
A: How do we cope from it? We don’t. That’s another problem.
B: We don’t. We move. The things that doesnt kill you, doesnt make u stronger. It fucks you up.
A: We don’t move on. We just change places. But we’re still there at the same spot. It’s our illusion that we think we move on. But we don’t. And that nyet, it’s pretty fucked up..

*setel James Vincent McMorrow’s If I Had A Boat*


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