M: George Ezra was born in 19…93
M: He sound like an old fat fisherman from Alaska!
W: Kirain brewokan, brondong sob!
M: Omg i have this visual in my head. He met this girl in an Alaskan bar, after 3 horrendous months fishing trip. The girl is from Barcelona, wearing a flower dress. They met, had a drink and danced all night long.
W: …
M: Plot twist: the only thing he knows about her that she’s from Barcelona. Her name? Nobody knows. He was so infatuated, he didn’t even bother to ask her name. He just asked her this, wanna dance? EAK!
M: I know right!!!
W: It’s like a summer fling ya, that stays in the heart forever.

Every time you have to go
Shut my eyes and you know
I’ll be lying right by your side
In Barcelona


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