Two Cents

I’ve been wanting to write something about this, but cannot find the right words to express how I feel without being misunderstood.

I have no problem with people making a caricature of Muhammad. My dad once told me that he saw people selling illustrations of the Prophet in Iran, and it’s really pretty. Ok, that’s two different thing, but in my head, they’re all visuals. So I got no problem with that.

But when the intention behind the drawing is to insult, mock, and provoke people, that, I have a lot of problem with. I’m not gonna say that I agree with the shooting and all that. I don’t, at all. (All those extremist are all idiots and losers anyway. And I’m sending prayers to the families of the shooting victims.).

So, when I read what the Pope has to say this morning, I feel.. normal. Because I’ve been feeling uneasy with a lot of people saying Je suis Charlie, and I can’t seem to agree with it.

Thank you Pope Francis, for the statement. You have no idea how one statement can make me feel slightly better about this whole situation.

One thing to add, people need to understand that the problem is not the religion, it’s a small group of people who misinterpreted the teaching. It’s always the people, not the religion. And every religion always have that kind of people amongst the followers (it’s like we always have that one jerk as a cousin, right?).


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