I Geddit

So I had a dream last night.

It was the four of us having dinner. The whole ABCD crew. It was nice at first, I kept wondering, what the fuck am I doing here? We had a whole discussion about ‘second potion’ at a bar, why do we we need alcohol in a bar? I said, because alcohol puts the ‘fun’ in alcohol. Yes, it didn’t make sense.

And after that you did something stupid, the whole table froze, and then I sorta woke up.

By that time I realised, you and the person opposite you, are actually the same person. You are the other side of that person, the one that I don’t want. And the one that I want is actually sitting on the other side of the table, and sadly, won’t cross over to this side, no matter what.

Whoa, some deep shit on Sunday morning no? Must be last nite’s ‘nasi-dadar kornet’!


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