Last night I went to an AGDA’s event, it was the holy trifecta of Perth’s best mural artist, Anya Brock, Amok Island, and Chris Nixon. One of the best talk I’ve ever attended. Everyone brought their A-game!

Anya was probably my favourite speaker. If Xy and I are one person, we would be Anya Brock haha (minus the bohemian lifestyle). Anyway, she said some interesting stuff, one of them was, “Happiness is great, but who wants to be happy all the time? Wouldn’t that be boring? We want happiness, we want it at the right amount, a little bit here and there”.

And thisss, this song brings just the right amount of happiness to my heart. It keeps me warm, it brings me smile. Yessss… Take me back to stereoheart pleaseeee…


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