Jiddah <3

I miss Jiddah, so I listened to Fatwa Pujangga. It’s her jam. With those starry-eyed look, full of emotions, dancing around the house. Anyway, she used to have this big birthday parties, all girls partayyyy (but, but, all the uncles and cousins were there too tho) like block party type. With a small band playing list of songs, from Enrique Macias to P. Ramli to Amr Diab to Kopi Dangdut. Everybody was dancing like there’s no tomorrow and everyone to dance around her, like she’s the queen bee. Sometimes she wears a wig, with fake moustache, sunglasses and just dance her ass off.

This kid was too cool for school back then, so I didn’t dance that much. I was just busy watching and laughing at people. I wish I told her she’s the coolest Jiddah ever. And tonight I stumbled across this song, she’d love it. I can so imagine her singing it, being all Arabaya and all that.

Oh, one day, she fell on an accident, had to go to the ER, I cried my eyes out till the nurse had to calm me down. When she got better, all the nurses told her the story. The first thing that she said when she saw me, “Aku denger kao nangis2 pas aku di emergency? Awww kao cinta ya sama aku?”, with the cheekiest smile in the universe. I do Jiddah, I really do and I miss you 🙂



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